Processing Facility

79.8% of construction & demolition waste is diverted from landfill

Our 2.7 ha Waste Processing Facility in Onehunga allows us to maximise recycling and reprocessing of waste and divert waste from landfill. The processing systems include a large scale mechanical and manual sort line to recover timber, metals, card, plasterboard and other valuable commodities.


We receive and process large volumes of construction, manufacturing and commercial waste as well as hand sorted material from transfer stations.

Our 2.7ha facility in Onehunga, Auckland is located on a closed landfill. It's an impressive operation and interesting to note that one of New Zealand's largest Resource Recovery operations is now at home above the remnants of the very activity we are trying to minimise.

Our Waste Processing Facility is dedicated to the recycling and processing of waste material and we achieve an overall diversion rate from landfill of over 75% for construction and demolition waste.

Waste is accepted on a daily basis with access restricted to commercial account holders only. As with all other material entering or leaving the site, control, weighing and billing is electronic via a number plate recognition system which operates a barrier arm for access.

And just a note to non-Green Gorilla drivers; you must have your vehicles preregistered to enable entry. Contact us for more information.

WHAT happens at our PROCESSING facility?

award winning processing services and re-cycled by-products

  • Construction and demolition

    50% of all waste in NZ comes from construction and demolition

  • Wood Chip Processing

    Award winning solutions for industry and commercial products

  • Resource Recovery

    Selective extraction of waste materials for it's next use

  • Transfer, Sorting and destruction

    Designed for batch runs, to sort or secure destruction