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At the start of Green Gorilla was a simple thought: someone needed to do a better waste management job for New Zealanders, and it may as well be a bunch of kiwis! Our directors put their heads together to create a new kind of waste management facility that came from a sustainable and honourable place.
They had a remarkable amount of collective industry knowledge and experience. And even better, they had an incredible passion for bringing better practices and a greener business model for New Zealand and New Zealanders.
You won’t find many men and women more committed to their work and customers. It’s service with a big green smile. To do it better for New Zealanders is to leave it better for New Zealand.

Our DNA is 100 per cent Kiwi - in 2010, the Green Gorilla founders put their incredibly clever heads together and fueled by ambition, innovation and kiwi ingenuity. Green Gorilla has successfully braved uncharted territory to maximise recovery, reuse and recycle for a cleaner, greener New Zealand.

Gorilla-sized success - Green Gorilla is the largest commercial, industrial, construction and demolition waste processor in Auckland.

Green Gorilla is 100 per cent Kiwi-owned and operated. We are invested in our country environmentally, economically and emotionally to cultivate a legacy that will live beyond us.


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    Dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with gorilla-sized good people 

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    There's always great work and career opportunities at Green Gorilla Auckland. We're looking for good people to make an impact.

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Green Gorilla is constantly working to improve efficiencies, reduce emissions and develop market-leading environmental solutions for our customers.

Green Gorilla’s Construction and Demolition Waste Processing Facility diverts more than 75% of incoming construction and demolition waste from Auckland’s landfills. Our wood-chipping operation turns treated wood into biofuel, untreated wood into landscaping chips and animal bedding. The plasterboard processing plant separates gypsum for horticultural and agricultural sectors.

Our state-of-the-art Commercial and Industrial Waste Processing Facility is the most modern waste sorting process in Australasia, the largest in New Zealand and the only one in Auckland. The facility can recover up to 30% of the general waste that would previously have gone to landfills. This facility will do it for businesses that have been unable to sort and separate their waste. Their requirement to sort their recycling on site is reduced, assisting their sustainability goals.

We have been operating electric waste trucks and support vehicles since 2016. We firmly believe that being able to run a significant portion of our services on a zero-emissions basis far outweighs the additional cost of the investment. The benefits of these EVs go beyond our business, customers, and community. In addition to our electric vehicle fleet, our waste processing facility is also electrically powered. Our material handlers are also electrically driven, being the only ones of this type in New Zealand. Electric power for this facility and our vehicle charging is supplied by Ecotricity, New Zealand’s only 100% CarboNZero certified supplier.

Green Gorilla deliver exceptional solutions designed to benefit your business and provide an efficient waste service tailored to your needs. Our Operations team can conduct customer site visits to ensure collections and onsite signage assists the clients with sustainable business practices. Green Gorilla is a cost-effective, sustainable waste service that’s great for your business, city, and country.

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