Our Story

“Someone needs to step up and do a better job of waste management for New Zealand and that’s going to be some kiwis!”


Our DNA is 110 percent kiwi - in 2010, the Green Gorilla founders put their incredibly clever heads together and fueled by ambition, innovation and kiwi ingenuity, Green Gorilla has successfully braved uncharted territory to maximise recovery, re-use and recycle for a cleaner, greener New Zealand.

Gorilla-sized success - Green Gorilla is now the largest non-landfill owning, full spectrum waste services provider in Auckland and we take pride in setting the trends for waste services in New Zealand.

And the cherry on the top - we are still 100 percent kiwi owned and operated. We are invested in our country environmentally, economically and emotionally to cultivate a legacy that will live beyond us.

  • Size isn't everything

    Regardless of your amount of waste output, Green Gorilla will tailor-make a removal solution

  • Our People are the key

    Dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with gorilla-sized good people 

  • Our Targets

    Green Gorilla aren't here to be average, we're here to take charge and lead. We aim to leave our environment better

  • Company Policies

    Our policies cover how we provide access to our information, products and services

  • Customer feedback

    Collaboration, service and accurate reporting have always been our success

  • Situations Vacant

    Check out opportunities in our world of recycling and waste


OUR PROCESSING facility is award winning. read more