Sustainability is quickly becoming one of businesses most overused buzz words. It can be seen as just a box to tick – or used to give a layer of worthiness to some questionable projects. But at Green Gorilla it’s the very principal on which we’re founded.

We’ve invested in better environmental solutions for Auckland, Waikato and New Zealand. That’s great news for businesses that have been unable to sort and separate their waste. Just leave it to Green Gorilla and our recovery facility will do it for you. In fact, Green Gorilla can recover over 50% of general waste that would previously have gone to landfill. That’s a great result for businesses and organisations who want to improve their sustainability.


Doing right for the planet also means doing good for our economy. By diverting commercial waste from landfill, Green Gorilla offers more jobs to Kiwis, reduces landfill maintenance costs and keeps profits in New Zealand. It’s a triple whammy that we know Mother Nature loves.


It’s not pretty or petite. But New Zealand’s first 100% electrically powered materials handlers – one in Onehunga, and the other one in Drury, are making a big difference at Green Gorilla.


This amazing machine is essential in the movement of waste around our electric-only waste processing facilities. . The enormous claws pick up rubbish and recycling and place the material onto the conveyor of our sorting line. Like all our electricity at Green Gorilla, this is run on 100% renewable and carboNZero certified electricity sourced from wind, hydro and solar electricity by the wonderful folks at Ecotricity.


You may have seen (but not heard) our fully electric waste collection trucks. Gorilla EV collection trucks are silent and have zero emissions, making them the perfect vehicle for servicing high-density environments like apartment buildings.  No fossil fuels or emissions are involved in their day-to-day operations.


The electric power vehicle generates much less vibration, heat and noise, creating driver-friendly work conditions and a smoother and quieter truck than diesel vehicles.


Alongside our EV trucks, 80% of our support fleet are EV’s. We also have EV charging stations at our operations base in Onehunga to power them up.


Our site in Onehunga is a bit of a beast. But that gives us the perfect opportunity to collect rainwater from its huge roof and store it in water tanks located around our facility – the tanks can hold up to 240,000 litres of water. This collected water is then used during the waste processing, as well as for machinery and truck washing. By harvesting rainwater, we reduce piped water usage and decrease our operating costs.


Green Star is Australasia’ largest voluntary & holistic sustainability rating system for the design, construction and operation of commercial buildings and fit-out. It is available for all types of buildings, either public or commercial, i.e., schools, hospitals, office buildings, shopping centres and industrial warehouses.


Homestar assesses residential homes, whether it is a stand-alone house, apartment or multi-unit development against several categories, including energy, health and comfort; water waste and materials used for their construction.


If you are building to Green Star or Homestar standards and your business requires reporting and expert advice for your certifications, talk to us.


With a commitment to sustainability at the heart of everything we do, we are significant supporters of these standards and are committed to helping you meet them.

Drury Transfer Station
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