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Gorilla Bags or Skips

What is a Gorilla Bag?

Constructed from durable, recyclable polyethylene, Gorilla Bags are tough enough to handle up to 1,250 kgs.  It is delivered to your door, so that you can throw almost any unwanted household items into or remove the waste from your business.


Your Gorilla Bag arrives flat-packed, which means it is easy to store and use. It can be opened when you are ready for your rubbish collection. Here’s a significant advantage over a Gorilla skip; there is no time limit – keep it for as long as you need it.


Gorilla Bag BENEFITS
-One all-inclusive price
-Cheaper than a skip
-Easy-to-store flat pack
-No time limit
-Reliable pick-up service

What is a Gorilla Bag for?

It is ideal if you are renovating, doing your DIY projects or simply cleaning up the garden. Gorilla Bag is one rubbish bag for all your projects, and all types of waste.


Best to use Gorilla Bag for:
Demolition, construction or DIY projects
Sites with space or access constrains, where a skip can’t be placed
Garden waste
Inorganic waste from commercial & household cleanup


Size: 3m3

Capacity: 1,250 kgs

Measurements: 1.5m (W) x 2m (L) x 1m (H)

How do Gorilla Bags work?

Order online or buy from one of our stockists.

Fill your Gorilla Bag with waste. Check what can and can’t go into the bag.

Once your Gorilla Bag is full, book collection and we’ll do all the rest.

How much does a Gorilla Bag cost?

Enter your location on the booking page to find the price in your area.

This price includes delivery and the Gorilla Bag collection. No extra surprises.

Can I book collection for Sunday or Public Holiday?

No, unfortunately not. Green Gorilla does not deliver or collect Gorilla Bags on Sundays or Public holidays.

Where to place a Gorilla Bag?

-It is important that Gorilla Bag is placed within the boundaries of your property. Do not leave your Gorilla Bag on the berm, roadside or anywhere on public property or council land; this may often lead to overflowing and apparently attracting other dumping. If you don’t have space on your property, please give us a call on 0800 GORILLA (467455) to discuss your options.
-Make sure your driveway is minimum 3m wide

-Do not place your Gorilla Bag under the trees
-Do not place within 4m of power lines
-Do not place the Gorilla Bag more than 4m from the kerb or driveway

Gorilla Bags or Skips

Where can I buy Gorilla Bag?

You can order online  here or buy at your local Mitre 10, Placemakers, Carters, ITM, Hammer Hardware and other stores. For a full list of stores near you click here

What can and can't be thrown in the Gorilla Bag?

-Household junk & waste
-Construction & Demolition Waste
-Garden Waste



-Large quantities of cleanfill, Hardfill – cleanfill and soil
-Hazardous Waste?<what is it?>
-Food Waste
-Gas Bottles
-Car or lithium batteries
-Broken glass & Mirrors

I have booked my collection. When do I expect my Gorilla Bag to be picked up?

It depends on where you are. We strive to pick up your Gorilla Bag:

-from Central Auckland Area – within 1-3 working days
-from Greater Auckland Area – within 1-7 working days
-from Waikato – within 1-3 working days

My Gorilla Bag hasn't been collected for more than 7 working days. What do I do?

One of the reasons why your Gorilla Bag is not collected may be your location – it is outside of our service zone. Please contact our Customer Service on 0800 GORILLA (467455) or online  to get the collection resolved.

What areas are the Gorilla Bags being delivered to/ collected from?

We currently service Auckland and Waikato. Enter your suburb to check if you are in the zone.

Collection Zones

We will collect any full Gorilla Bag within 15 km radius from the re-seller.

Out of zone? Call O800 GORILLA (467455)

Can I leave my Gorilla Bag if it is raining?

Your Gorilla Bag will be fine, it has been designed to survive heavy rain. It is totally safe to leave it outside under the rain.

How can I use Gorilla Bag for fundraising?

Please contact our Customer Service on 0800 GORILLA (467455) or online to get learn more.

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