Our Facilities

What is a waste processing facility?

It’s where rubbish, garbage, junk, and waste are collected, separated, and sorted into categories according to material or recyclability. The rubbish sorting and processing can range from hand picking operations to highly mechanised or technically complex processes.

Green Gorilla’s facilities in a nutshell

We separate and recycle waste that our Green Gorilla waste trucks collect from our Auckland and Waikato commercial, industrial, construction and demolition clients. The waste types we don’t recycle are sent to other companies for recycling. Finally, the rubbish that is not recycled or re-used is typically destined for landfill.

What waste types do you separate for recycling?

Green Gorilla recycles plasterboard, timber and food scraps. We also extract cardboard, paper, plastics, and metals from rubbish that would have previously been sent to landfill. These recyclables are delivered to other recyclers.

Our Facilities

Construction Waste & Commercial Waste

We are the trusted waste diversion and recycling service provider for Auckland and Waikato. At the centre of our operations is our Onehunga facility which also houses our EV fleet, timber recycling, waste diversion and gypsum recycling.

Our Onehunga operation covers approx. 2.7h of land that once was a landfill site. Green Gorilla’s separating and recycling operation employ a significant team of skilled staff who work across an extensive range of functions.


Green Gorilla also operates a recycling facility in Huntly and Te Kawhata in Waikato.

Can I drop off my rubbish at Green Gorilla?

Our Onehunga processing facility is not open to the public. You can hire a Gorilla skip or Gorilla Bag to dispose of your junk, but we do not allow casual rubbish drop-offs.


For casual drop offs, please use


– Fully electric Drury Transfer Station


– Huntly Transfer Station

– Te Kawhata Transfer Station

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