Gorilla Bags for Plasterboard

We want your PLASTERBOARD waste!

Far too often plasterboard waste from the construction & building industries gets dumped straight to Auckland landfill. Once it’s put into landfill, plasterboard can decompose & release up to a quarter its weight in poisonous hydrogen sulphide.⠀

Gypsum in plasterboard is 100% recyclable and there is a solution for the building & construction industry: Gorilla Bags for Plasterboard.⠀
They simply fill the bag with plasterboard off-cuts, call or email us to request a collection and we’ll take it away.⠀

Once the plasterboard bag is back at Green Gorilla we separate the gypsum from the paper. The recycled gypsum is then used in the agricultural & horticulture industries as a natural soil conditioner & clay buster.⠀

Ideally all Auckland builders and construction companies should have a Gorilla Plasterboard Bag onsite and then we can divert plasterboard waste going to Auckland landfill unnecessarily.⠀

If you are working in the building or construction industry contact us and we'll get you sorted.