Designed to protect pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists


All Green Gorilla skip bin collection trucks have side guards that have been designed to prevent pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists from coming into contact with a large truck’s rear wheels.

It’s not that trucks are driving dangerously, but there are many blind spots on the truck. So, that is why the side guards are common-sense safety devices and very important. They are not meant as the number one safety feature of the truck, but they do protect the pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists from getting too close to the wheels.

Green Gorilla is 100% New Zealand owned and operate a range of collection and processing systems for all non-hazardous waste streams via our fleet of over 30 vehicles. 

Our collection vehicles feature innovations such as engine off, electrically powered bin emptying and compaction for a reduction in noise and pollution; and dual compartment vehicles to reduce vehicle numbers and our environmental footprint.  We operate a modern fleet of vehicles almost entirely European tier 5 compliant and over 50% of our support car fleet is electric.