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Commercial Waste Collections for Auckland Business

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Green Gorilla Waste Services
Exceptional customer service for Auckland business rubbish bins, collections, and recycling services. Green Gorilla have great prices for Auckland commercial waste services, including waste management and cardboard recycling in Auckland. Your business waste sustainability is a core focus for Green Gorilla. Did you know we divert over 75,000 tonnes of waste per annum away from Auckland landfills? That's because we consider landfill waste should be the last resort, unlike some competitors where it's the first port of call.

Auckland Recycling Services
The Green Gorilla rubbish and recycling experts will visit your business or operation to review the best recycling collection practices and efficiencies. Green Gorilla signage will improve sustainable business practices and reduce waste diversion from Auckland landfills. Cardboard, paper, organic waste, compostable waste, cans, glass, and plastics waste is collected for recycling. Your organisation will receive the correct size rubbish and recycling bins for your Auckland business waste collection. If your waste volumes change, simply request rubbish bins. Your Green Gorilla waste and recycling services will be scheduled regularly, so you have a hassle-free solution.

Waste Bins for Safety and Cleanliness
We highly recommend our Euro Bin range for COVID-19 control measures and health and safety procedures within any environment. Stand on the foot lever, and the bin lid opens for you. There's no need for your hands to touch any part of the bin; it is only available from Green Gorilla.

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Commercial BINS


These enclosed and lidded bins come in sizes to suit your waste production and are kept permanently on your site. Easily accessible and featuring forklift channels for maneuverability, these units feature an easy to lift lid and are available with a security lock. Green Gorilla’s collection vehicles are on the spot 24/7, collecting your recyclables and waste. 

  • 1.5 m³
    3.0 m³
    4.5 m³


    Offices, shops, factories, shopping centres, events, stadiums, commercial businesses & manufacturing



Open skip bins are suitable for a range of general waste and recycling material types including heavy and bulky materials, inert materials from construction and demolition operations. For large housing projects we supply our 5 metre ‘Gorilla’ bins which are emptied on-site providing a more convenient and cost effective disposal solution. Certified crane bins are available for large building sites.

Gorilla Bags are a flexible alternative to skips. You fill. We collect. We recycle. No hidden costs.

Order a casual one-time GENERAL WASTE Gorilla Bag, CLICK HERE


  • 2 m³
    3 m³


    Building sites, renovations, commercial premises, household cleanups.

    Specific PLASTERBOARD bags also available - please specify Plasterboard Bag in the comments field.

  • 3.0 m³
    4.5 m³


    Concrete, bricks, clay, dirt

  • 5 m³


    Building sites (craneable)

  • 9 m³


    Building sites, office, factory and household cleanups

  • 12 m³


    Building sites, office, factory

  • 11 m³


    Building sites, office, factory and household cleanups

Industrial WASTE

Our bulk carriers are suitable for carrying larger volumes of general waste and recycling material including heavy and bulky materials. Bulk carriers are generally used for industrial manufacturing and construction.

  • 18 m³
    30 m³


    Building sites, demolition, industrial/commercial


Bins: These enclosed bins are lightweight easy for users to reach and highly manoeuvrable; so they are ideal for collecting waste in areas with poor access for vehicles. All the bins feature a secure braking system. Bins are collected by our compaction vehicles on scheduled routes. The 660 and 1100 Litre plastic bins are also available with ‘post box’ lids for restricted access.

Bags: For situations where space constraints prevent bin services; we provide prepaid recycling and general waste bag collections.

  • Green bags for general waste
  • Blue bags for recycling

Euro Bins: offer maximum hygiene, long service life and client customisation for the commercial environment.
The Hands-Free Pedal option is ideal for supporting COVID-19 control measures and health and safety procedures within any environment. Stand on the foot lever, and the bin lid opens for you. There's no need for your hands to touch any part of the bin.
The Soft Close Lid option is a controlled lid mechanism that reduces the noise and speed of a closing waste bin lid.

  • Fully recyclable steel body container
  • Heavy-duty lockable wheels that are able to be fixed or casting
  • Drainage plug for effortless cleaning
  • Reflective corners


  • 240L


    Office and commercial business solutions

  • 660L



    Office and commercial business solutions

  • 60L


    Retail, offices, commercial premises, apartments

  • EURO BINS     

    660 & 1100L


    Wherever users would benefit from hands-free and soft-close lid waste bins.

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