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Portable Toilet Hire


Green Gorilla provide the best portable toilets in Auckland with a sensible selection of portable toilets for construction sites across Auckland. We understand that a clean and fresh portable toilet on an Auckland building site is what every builder wants. We can help by providing a hassle-free portable toilet rental that can also be conveniently added to your Auckland skip bin hire. That means your company has only one account for your toilet hire and Gorilla bin hire, which means less time on paperwork and more time on site.


You get a free flush or non-flush toilet delivery to your Auckland building site with each toilet hire. Each toilet has a weekly scheduled clean to ensure it is fresh and clean for your crew. Our toilets can be used outdoors on the most demanding and busy construction sites. They are robust and designed to provide all-day service for your construction, building and workers.

Our standard Non-Flush toilet features:

  • Separate urinal
  • Gel hand sanitiser
  • Jumbo toilet rolls
  • Coat hook
  • Large capacity tank
  • Safety high-vis
  • Non-high-viz option
Two portable toilets on a green background

Our Flush toilet features:

  • Toilet flap
  • Foot pump flushing
  • Separate urinal
  • Gel hand sanitiser
  • Jumbo toilet rolls
  • Coat hook
  • Large capacity tank
  • Safety high-vis

Construction Site Toilet Hire

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Portable toilets to rent

If you need a portable toilet rental for your construction, renovation, or project site, we have the best two options in New Zealand. Each option is designed for construction site toilets to hire to small and large construction sites, either short or long-term hire.

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service for your portable toilet rental, so you and your team can work in an environment that is clean and pleasant. Builders' toilets for hire are cleaned and serviced and consumables are replaced on a weekly service.

Give us a call on 0800 GORILLA (467 455) and we can discuss your Recycling & Waste Solutions.


Construction sites can have limited access to basic services such as electricity and water supplies. Certain facilities for workers are required at construction sites.
Suitable and sufficient conveniences complying with Acceptable Solution G1/AS1 of the Building Code are to be provided for the exclusive use of the males engaged or employed in about the place of work, and for the exclusive use of the females so employed in or about a place of work.

Where there are more than 15 employees the minimum requirements are:

  • One urinal where 15 males are employed, plus one urinal for each 30 males or part thereof; and
  • One water closet where 15 or less employees are employed, plus closets for each 30 employees or part thereof.

Where females are engaged or employed, there should be suitable provision for the disposal of sanitary towels.

Where conveniences for each sex are provided they shall be separated by walls of full height. They should be readily accessible, well-lit and ventilated, and protected from the weather. If situated outside, good footpath access with lighting should be provided. They should be constructed and situated in such a way as to ensure privacy for persons using them, and built of materials that can be easily cleaned.

Employers may provide for the use of employees, one toilet if:

  • The maximum number of persons of either sex, engaged or employed at any one time is fewer than 10.
  • It is completely enclosed, to ensure privacy;
  • It has an inside lock; and
  • Provision is made for the disposal of sanitary towels; and
  • It does not contain a urinal.

Where circumstances warrant, an employer may arrange to share facilities with other employers.
Any toilets provided by an employer that are open to or available for use by members of the public should not be taken into account for the purpose of determining whether sufficient conveniences have been provided.

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