This Is No Ordinary Waste Collection Bin!


Sea Cleaners is a non-profit organisation with a Big Vision

The vision of Sea Cleaners is to preserve New Zealand's Coastline for the benefit of marine life and the enjoyment of all users.
Their long term strategy is to educate people, particularly our young people, to dispose of their rubbish in eco-friendly ways, including recycling, and not harm the environment.
Sea Cleaners build awareness of the project's vision and goals, create collaborators' networks, assist the local charities, schools, community groups and iwi. They educate of the consequences of littering and work to stamp it out. However, they acknowledge that litter and rubbish are entering our waterways and ultimately contaminating our coastlines and the sea. Accordingly, Sea Cleaners, through sponsorship, have coordinated volunteers to remove waste from our marine environments for the past five years.

Green Gorilla sponsor two waste collections bins that reside at Westhaven Marina. The bins sole purpose is to receive waste that is removed from our waterways and harbours by Sea Cleaners. 

Get informed about the waste in our oceans and how you can help.

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