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Wood Chip Processing


Processing large volume treated and untreated timber waste from pallets, construction and other waste sources for different outcomes.

Treated timber is used to fuel industry

Green Gorilla's waste processing plant is an innovative electrically powered processing unit that produces consistent quality wood chip product. Treated wood waste is chipped for bio-fuel to replace coal at the Golden Bay Cement works near Whangarei. We are proud to be associated with Golden Bay Cement in this critical project to divert significant volumes of wood waste away from Auckland landfills. 

Here's an outline of the process:

  • All incoming material is weighed and checked for contamination before processing starts
  • The method uses heavy-duty specialised machinery beginning with a slow speed shredder to break the wood into smaller pieces and release any steel contamination
  • After passing by a magnet to remove steel, the broken wood is conveyed into a high-speed chipper and sized to the customer's requirements 
  • A secondary magnet then pulls any nails and remaining steel 
  • Specialised chip liners transport the chip to Golden Bay Cement
  • On arrival, the chip is fed via conveyor directly into the cement kiln supplementing coal as the fuel source.


The EECA Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in energy efficiency and renewable energy. 

In 2012, Golden Bay Cement won the prestigious EECA Renewable Energy award, which recognises achievements and highlights improvements in the New Zealand renewable energy industry.

  • The award recognised the innovative use of waste wood material, which reduced CO2 emissions by 58,000 tonnes



Call us for pickup or delivery of large industry volumes of dry high-quality landscape chip. 

  • Air-dried recycled untreated timber
  • Your choice of natural or coloured chip
  • Free from seeds and plant matter
  • Free draining ‘knitted’ product
  • Long term stability with the slow breakdown
  • Transport to site or collect
  • Orders over 35m3


Green Gorilla animal bedding and mulch are shredded from dry, recycled and untreated timber. Our animal bedding wood chip is suitable for horse and cow animal bedding. Bulk sales of the bedding chips go to Auckland, Northland and Waikato farms.

  • Free draining absorbent animal bedding > 90 x 30 mm chip size
  • Bulk animal bedding chip is stored inside with moisture content under 18%
  • Dry recycled wood chip best animal bedding means good moisture absorption
  • Buy animal bedding that is free draining
  • Hard-wearing New Zealand animal bedding
  • Ideal for indoor shelters or outdoor animal feed pads and stand-off pads
  • Transport animal bedding wholesale to your door or collect. 
  • Animal bedding bulk orders over 35m3
  • Great animal bedding price and best quality

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