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GREEN GORILLA Transfer station

What Happens at the Green Gorilla Onehunga Waste Transfer Station?

Even with the best efforts, there are always some waste materials that cannot be economically recycled. The Green Gorilla Auckland transfer station consolidates non-recyclable waste for disposal. Our central transfer station is where solid waste is brought by Green Gorilla and other rubbish collection trucks. Once there, it is either processed for recycling or separated into material that cannot be recycled. If the waste cannot be recycled, it is loaded into our larger long-haul vehicles and taken to the final disposal sites.
Green Gorilla’s Onehunga transfer station operates alongside our waste material recovery centre. It is a fully enclosed facility that is not open to the public.

Rubbish, junk, and waste loads coming into our Auckland waste transfer station are recorded with calibrated weighbridge scales. We require customer service, equipment operators, maintenance mechanics, and other technical and management staff to operate our transfer station in Auckland.
Transferring waste from local collection vehicles onto larger trailers or other transport modes reduces the cost of transportation to distant disposal sites. This frees collection-specific trucks and crews to devote their time to actual collection activities within Auckland. Some significant benefits of Waste Transfer Stations are fuel savings, reduced road wear, and reduced traffic congestion in the community by consolidating loads onto larger vehicles.

Waste transfer stations are a crucial component of cost-effective solid waste transportation and are a necessary part of Auckland’s waste management.

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secure WASTE destruction WITH GREEN GORILLA

When your products or documents need secure waste destruction or to be removed and destroyed within a safe environment, contact Green Gorilla.

Auckland product and document destruction. Leave the entire operation to Green Gorilla. We handle the whole process from the collection, destruction, and certification. Your products or documents will not enter Auckland, New Zealand, or the international market. Green Gorilla service one-off collections through to scheduled secure waste destruction services. Our highly experienced team is committed to providing the best Auckland waste destruction services. Green Gorilla will provide a waste destruction certificate or waste management certificate of destruction on request.
Green Gorilla waste product destruction service is handled with care and utmost client confidentiality.

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Your best Auckland specialist waste sorting service is Green Gorilla. Our Onehunga waste materials facility has been designed to handle batch runs to separate your waste and destroy your unwanted product. Safe and secure, our facility is fully enclosed, which means it is not open to the public.

Transitional Facility and Operator

The Ministry for Primary Industries has approved Green Gorilla, 1 Victoria Street, Onehunga, Auckland, as a Transitional Facility for general uncleared risk goods. We also have an accredited and approved Facility Operator and trained support team. Contact Green Gorilla to discuss your requirements.

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