PlaceMakers Mt Wellington and some of their suppliers are running a community project at the Onehunga Sea Scouts building on the Onehunga waterfront. 
This project includes renovating the kitchen, bathrooms and hallways with all new flooring, electrics, plumbing, kitchen and bathrooms etc. The PlaceMakers foundation meets the cost of renovations with support from some of its suppliers including a skip bin and Gorilla Bag from Green Gorilla.

The building dated from 1911 and was a purpose-built clubhouse for the Manukau Yacht and Motor Boat Club, which used the building until 1972.
Interestingly, the building is recognised as one of the very few of this age or any other age in Auckland with a very strong suggestion of anthropomorphism, i.e. a clear reference to the human face.

three construction workers at Aotea Sea Scouts hall front of old grey wooden building in Onehunga

The Aotea Sea Scouts hall received a fantastic kitchen, bathroom and exterior paint upgrade thanks to the PlaceMakers Foundation Big Build Grant, along with the help of 10 expert tradespeople and 10-12 hard-working PlaceMakers team members.
We also took the opportunity to look through the upstairs hall with its incredible views across the Manukau Harbour and Sea Scout memorabilia.

Green Gorilla are proud to assist the project by donating a Gorilla Bag and Gorilla Bin to collect and dispose of the construction waste from this local Onehunga project.

four people raising banner on the Aotea Sea Scouts hall
two middle aged men inside old wooden hall
Aotea Sea Scouts wooden logo on outside of hall
inside of Aotea Sea Scout Hall with sailing ship wheel and flag

Wiri Men's Prison Workshop and Green Gorilla have developed a partnership that assists prisoner skills and confidence by assembling and repairing skip bins.
Here's how it works. First, Green Gorilla delivers kit-set skip bins to the prisoner workshop team to assemble, weld and paint. The team also attach bin certification tags and apply our brand stencils. The skips are then quality checked by their senior team members. Some inmates come into the workshop with no experience, so senior inmates mentor and teach them new skills.

Department of Corrections logo on black vest

Green Gorilla is the only Auckland waste collection company with a Construction and Demolition Waste Processing Facility. That means we can collect construction waste and junk, run it through our facility and separate the valuable recyclable material such as metals, plasterboard and timber. Our clients can request New Zealand Green Building Council Homestar reporting on their waste and recycling volumes. Waste from the construction industry is a hot topic. Green Gorilla has established services to divert your waste and junk from Auckland landfills.

Green Gorilla for your Auckland Recycling & Waste Solutions.

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group of people wearing orange hivis inside rubbish recycling building


We pride ourselves on building the best Auckland construction skip bin hire, including delivery of Gorilla Bins and collection by our efficient and friendly drivers. Your Auckland skip hire doesn't just end with the skip. There are numerous different teams working in the background to ensure the Gorilla Skip is delivered and picked up on time. If you are having your Auckland construction waste recycled, Green Gorilla have a strong team of operations and waste recycling staff that are coordinated to deal with your waste. And that means Auckland junk collections are easy with either a flexi Gorilla Bag or Gorilla Bin.

 Here's what you can't put into a Gorilla Bag:

  • Hazardous waste
  • Polystyrene
  • Asbestos
  • Food waste
  • Chemicals
  • Paint
  • Gas bottles
  • Car batteries
  • Tyres
Green Gorilla truck picking up a Gorilla Bag