Onehunga is abuzz!

bees on waste processing facility land!

Tucked away in a small corner of our land in Onehunga, Auckland, is the Green Gorilla beehives and this year. We had our first small honey harvest.

Sometimes it can be dirty and noisy around our operations, so our team wanted to give the local environment a helping hand by establishing beehives. We're very excited about the bees and their work.

Although the amount of honey is small and we can't offer it for sale, there's something exceptional about having your brand of honey!

And check out the honey labels! We commissioned Mitch Hejl of Relish Creative to create the designs and were blown away by the result.

Did you know? Bees usually forage up to 3 km from their hive, so our bees might be gathering pollen from Cornwall Park in the north to Mangere in the south.

In contrast to our significant rivals, we don't possess or work landfills, which means we are genuinely centred around recycling and reusing Auckland commercial waste. Our site at 1 Victoria Street Onehunga sits on the previous Galway Street Landfill.

All the waste processing facilities at Green Gorilla are 100% electric sourced from CarboNZero certified electricity.

Auckland Council - manage your bees


Yes, it's true! Plasterboard is predominately made with gypsum which also happens to be a mineral that kiwi avocado growers love to add to their soil.

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