A very unexpected tale!


construction waste helps Avocados!

Gypsum is a soft sulfate mineral and widely used as a fertilizer, compost or cement additive. It's also used as the main constituent in many forms of plaster, blackboard chalk and plasterboard.

The New Zealand avocado industry is a big user because avocado trees are acid loving plants and applications of gypsum to the soil are a good way in which to obtain the high calcium levels required by avocado trees without raising soil pH. 

Avocados are prone to root rot and because it is rich in calcium, gypsum helps keep new root rot pathogen spores from forming.

Green Gorilla gypsum is recycled from plasterboard off-cuts, usually sourced from our building and construction partners. Our waste processing facility separates the gypsum from the paper in the plasterboard off-cuts and then made available for sale.

The construction and demolition industries create 50% of all waste in New Zealand. More than 70% of the waste produced from a construction site is able to be recycled.

Are you in the construction industry? Start using Gorilla Bags for plasterboard waste and help grow tasty avocados!

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