Landmark Homestar Achievements


Congratulations to Zane and Suzanne Raphael and Renovation Builders and Buildology Architectural design. They have achieved some landmark achievements with their recent home build.

  • 1st Auckland 10 Homestar built rated standalone home.
  • 1st North Island 10 Homestar built rated standalone home.
  • 1st 10 Homestar renovation in New Zealand.

Homestar is an independent national rating tool from the New Zealand Green Building Council. A home is rated on a points scale from 6 to 10. Points are awarded across seven categories: energy, health and comfort; water; waste; materials; site; home management; and an optional innovation category. A 10 Homestar rating means a world-leading house.

Green Gorilla is proud to be a significant part of the build by providing recycling services for construction waste during this milestone project.

Constructions and Demolition Waste. Green Gorilla operates large-scale mechanical and manual sort lines to process construction and demolition waste. The sort lines are used to recover timber, metals, cards, plasterboard, and other valuable commodities. We provide Auckland's construction industry with the only sustainable solution to their building waste

  • Plasterboard waste is processed in our recycling plant to supply recycled gypsum for the agricultural and horticultural markets.
  • Treated timber is chipped and provided as a biofuel to Golden Bay Cement.
  • Untreated wood is processed into landscaping woodchip and animal bedding.