Avocados and Recycling

Avocados and Auckland Construction Waste have something in common!

Here's why.

Plasterboard / GIB board / Dryboard (whatever you like to call it) is made predominately from gypsum. It's that white chalky stuff in the middle. Plasterboard is the material used to build internal walls. As with all building and construction, there is a waste element. Unfortunately, many Kiwi builders have a nasty habit of throwing their plasterboard off-cuts into a skip. Then the skip bin company sends it straight to the landfill.

What a waste of waste! 

Avocado growers (actually the avocado trees) in New Zealand love gypsum for the ability to increase calcium levels without raising the soil pH. Green Gorilla has stepped in to provide a sustainable solution for builders and growers.

We collect plasterboard off-cuts from our building and construction partners and process them through our recycling facility. Green Gorilla then has large volumes of beautiful recycled gypsum to deliver to our horticultural and agricultural customers (including avocado growers). Enjoy your delicious avocado!

Did you know that Green Gorilla can divert between 70% - 80% of construction/demolition waste at our Onehunga recycling site?

hands sifting gypsum into a bucket avocado in hand being sliced with a knife


Here is a great Auckland recycling story and another example of how Green Gorilla is Auckland best recycling and waste collection company.

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