Green Gorilla purchases Supertrash



Green Gorilla has announced the acquisition of Auckland based waste collection company Supertrash (including the established brand “We Compost” organic/food waste services)

Both 100% Kiwi companies share the same incredible synergy, waste diversion vision and systems geared to deliver excellence in customer service. This exciting new development means Auckland businesses will enjoy a broader range of recycling and collection services supported by the most passionate experts in the industry.

Green Gorilla Chief Executive Officer Elaine Morgan welcomes all Supertrash customers to Green Gorilla. “Our new customers will directly benefit from the $20 million investment made in our waste processing facility. By running their dry general waste through our facility, we can recover up to 40% of their waste that would have previously gone to landfill. Our facility can make it easier for customers to achieve their diversion and sustainability goals and when combined with Supertrash’s organic waste diversion we have a pathway to transform the waste industry here in Auckland. It’s a wonderful opportunity for everyone to do better for the environment”.

Over time the Supertrash and We Compost business will operate under the Green Gorilla brand, in the meantime, Supertrash and We Compost services and schedules will remain unchanged.