A Gorilla Bags Journey From You to us!


Watch our video below to find out everything you need to know about our Gorilla Bags, & see what a typical pick-up is like for our friendly drivers!

From information on the weight, size & volume of the Gorilla Bag, to truck access, time limits & associated costs, this video should answer any questions you have on our Gorilla Bags!


What everyone is saying about Gorilla Bags.

  • "The perfect rubbish collector" - P. Luker. Auckland
  • "So strong" - A Miller. Auckland
  • "Super convenient" - G.Whitehouse. Auckland
  • "Not sure about the flavour" - D. Howe. Auckland

4 things your kids don’t want you to know about Gorilla Bags.

  1. They’re easy to use – so easy in fact that a child could use them!
  2. You could put 1.25 tonnes of Lego into a bag.
  3. The whole family can help fill it up.
  4. A Gorilla Bag can conveniently cover a sofa and a kid playing a video game

What the Beatles could learn from Gorilla Bags!

  • All You Need is Gloves (safe and sensible hand protection).
  • Sexy Sadie The Cleaning Lady prefers using Gorilla Bags.
  • Yellow Submarine is the preferred underwater vehicle of a Green Gorilla.
  • Let It Be a Gorilla Bag.
    The Ballad of John and Yoko and a Gorilla.

Save your marriage with a Gorilla Bag.

  • Order a Gorilla Bag for your spouse.
  • Write down a list of projects.
  • Show them the Gorilla Bag so they know that you are serious.
  • Once the bag is full - call us for a pickup.
  • Repeat and enjoy.