Euro Bins - Hands Free Waste Bins

Hands Free Rubbish Bins

Euro Bins are ideal for hygiene. Stand on the foot lever, and the bin lid opens for you.

The Euro Bin range offers maximum hygiene, long service life and client customisation for the commercial environment.

Hands-Free Pedal bins are ideal not only for supporting COVID-19 control measures, but also perfect for meeting the health and safety standards within any environment. Stand on the foot lever, and the bin lid opens for you. There's no need for your hands to touch any part of the bin.

Soft Close Lids are controlled lid mechanisms that reduce the noise and speed of a closing waste bin lid. These are perfect for the retirement home and healthcare environment.

All Euro Bins use high-quality steel, then hot-dip galvanised, hand-finished and inspected for quality.

  • Fully recyclable steel body container
  • Heavy-duty lockable wheels that can be fixed or casting
  • Drainage plug for effortless cleaning
  • Reflective corners
  • 660L & 1100L size options

Green Gorilla provide all your Recycling & Waste Solutions. Contact us today. 

Foot pedal rubbish bin

Foot pedal operation

Quiet close rubbish bin

Soft close lid

Successful Waste Reduction and Recycling ProgramS

Developing an effective waste reduction program for your business involves three main steps: planning, laying the groundwork, and carrying out the program as part of your Auckland business's daily activities. Here are the tasks to be carried out at each step. 

1/. Planning and Preparation

  • Study the waste stream and the costs associated.
  • Develop a waste reduction proposal and gain the support of your management team.
  • Assess employees' interests and encourage their support.

2/. Laying the Foundation

  • Select a waste reduction and recycling coordinator.
  • Set goals.
  • Decide on waste reduction measures, procurement policies, and what will be recycled.
  • Identify sources of recycled products.
  • Design a waste collection and storage system. Green Gorilla can assist you.

3/. Getting the Program On-Line

  • Educate your staff.
  • Promote and implement the program.
  • Establish monitoring and evaluation procedures.
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One of the most effective measures to keep your Auckland rubbish costs in check is to reduce the amount of waste your company or organisation produces.
By taking steps to reduce waste, your business can:

  • Save money on supplies.
  • Conserve natural resources and energy.
  • Reduce waste disposal costs and hedge against possible increased future disposal costs.
  • Meet customer and marketing demand for environmentally conscious businesses.
  • Boost employee morale by allowing staff members an opportunity to work together on an environmental project.
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When your business has sustainability initiatives to meet, or you are at the start of your journey. Green Gorilla has the industry expertise to guide your business to the best option. And whatever size of your operation, you’ll be supported by a 100+ strong team in charge of a complete range of planning, collection, recycling, reuse and waste disposal services.

Our point of difference is our 2.7ha Waste Processing Facility allows us to extract recyclable materials from waste. Our investments include a large-scale mechanical and manual sort line to recover timber, metals, card, plastics, plasterboard and other valuable commodities.
And the cherry on the top - we are 100% Kiwi-owned and operated.

Green Gorilla rubbish sort line with people working