Do your building projects create a legacy of landfill?

create a better Legacy.

The first step towards change is awareness.
If you work for a company that’s involved in planning and designing some of Auckland legacy projects, you’d also be aware of the concerns and issues around the growing volumes of construction and building waste going to landfill.

 “One of the ways a landfill engineer anywhere in the world earns bragging rights is if he can pour himself a glass of the leachate from his landfill and drink it.” Jeanne Marie Laskas
Landfill is not inevitable and by designing out waste, understanding its root causes and re-engineering current processes and practices, you can alleviate its generation. At every stage of a project, waste reduction strategies also bring financial benefits for all stakeholders.

Plan to design out waste.

Create a site waste minimisation and management plan. 
It should identify and communicate the responsibilities for waste minimisation between all project stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of a building, including planning, design, construction and occupancy.

Take one simple action.
Contact us to discuss how your projects could benefit from some very smart recycling and waste planning.