PlaceMakers Mt Wellington and some of their suppliers are running a community project at the Onehunga Sea Scouts building on the Onehunga waterfront. 
This project includes renovating the kitchen, bathrooms and hallways with all new flooring, electrics, plumbing, kitchen and bathrooms etc. The PlaceMakers foundation meets the cost of renovations with support from some of its suppliers including a skip bin and Gorilla Bag from Green Gorilla.

The building dated from 1911 and was a purpose-built clubhouse for the Manukau Yacht and Motor Boat Club, who used the building until 1972.
Interestingly, the building is recognised as one of the very few of this age or any other age in Auckland with a very strong suggestion of anthropomorphism, i.e. a clear reference to the human face.

Green Gorilla is the only Auckland waste collection company with a Construction and Demolition Waste Processing Facility. That means we can collect construction waste and junk, run it through our facility and separate the valuable recyclable material such as metals, plasterboard and timber. Our clients can request New Zealand Green Building Council Homestar reporting on their waste and recycling volumes. Waste from the construction industry is a hot topic. Green Gorilla has established services to divert your waste and junk from Auckland landfill.

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Working on the historical Onehunga Sea Scouts building

A face on the front of the Onehunga Sea Scouts Building



After reviewing waste contractors, the Fletcher Living team chose Green Gorilla for their Auckland-based residential construction sites. Green Gorilla have a 70% diversion rate - saving Auckland some 75,000 tonnes annually from going to landfill.  We also share their passion for separating waste and recycling.

Did you know that plasterboard offcuts are 100% recyclable? The gypsum gets ground up and is used for fertiliser, compost or as a cement additive. So now Green Gorilla collect all Fletcher Living plasterboard from every house lot in special bags and take them away to be recycled. Fletcher Living untreated wood offcuts are also chipped up and find their way landscapers for gardens or to farmers for animal bedding.





Congratulations to Randwick Park Primary and Waikowhai Primary School on highly successful Litter Blitzs! 

Between the two events, approximately 870 students, along with multiple teachers, parents, local community and business volunteers converged on their respective local streets to pick up litter. 200kgs of litter was picked up by the kids at Waikowhai Primary School alone, and in just over an hour!

Ra from Green Gorilla and the amazing pupils from Room 23 at Randwick Park Primary  retrieved some interesting rubbish, some of which included: a mattress, a kid’s scooter, a fire hydrant and a spinning wheel!

Green Gorilla supplied the Gorilla Bags and waste removal service for the events, with which we were so glad that we could help with! It was amazing to see the kids eager to get involved with the clean up and we can't wait to be involved in another Litter Blitz!

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The electricity that runs Green Gorilla is 100% Renewable & carboNZero certified; sourced from wind, hydro and solar electricity generation & from 100% kiwi owned company Ecotricity NZ.

We love using Ecotricity as its another way that we get to reduce our impact on the environment in our efforts to keep NZ beautiful.




Congratulations to Zane and Suzanne Raphael, along with Renovation Builders and Buildology Architectural design who have achieved some landmark achievements with their recent home build.

  • 1st Auckland 10 Homestar built rated standalone home.
  • 1st North Island 10 Homestar built rated standalone home.
  • 1st 10 Homestar renovation in New Zealand.

Homestar is an independent national rating tool from the New Zealand Green Building Council. A home is rated on a scale from 6 to 10. To rate a home’s performance and environmental impact, points are awarded across seven categories: energy, health and comfort; water; waste; materials; site; home management; and an optional innovation category. A 10 Homestar rating means a world leading house.

Green Gorilla are proud to be a significant part of the build by providing recycling services for construction waste during this milestone project.

This is no ordinary  WASTE BIN!


It’s one of two bins that reside at Westhaven Marina for the sole purpose of receiving waste thats removed from our waterways and harbours by Sea Cleaners. Green Gorilla are proud to sponsor Sea Cleaners by providing waste bins and collections.

Get informed about the waste in our oceans and how you can help.

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Green Gorilla are passionate supporters and a Platinum Sponsor of Homestar v4, which is an independent tool that rates the environmental impact and performance of New Zealand homes. The system awards points across seven categories including construction waste. Points are added up across the categories to deliver a rating i.e. HomeStar v4 Rating 6.

There are two stages to a Homestar rating:

  • Design – this rating assesses the full and final plans.
  • Build – this rating occurs after a homes is constructed. It certifies that the features in the design rating have been fully implemented.

Why is Homestar v4 important to Green Gorilla?
Construction and demolition waste makes up half of NZ’s total waste going to landfill. Homestar v4 encourages the reduction of construction waste, reducing 2-3 tonnes going to landfill for every home built. Homestar v4 also promotes making homes warmer and drier, which means healthier homes for our families.

Green Gorilla can provide you with all the reporting and expert advice required for your certifications.

For more information about Homestar CLICK HERE.