This Ministry of the Environment video presents a short overview of our Construction and Demolition Waste Processing Facility that diverts approx. 75-80% of construction, building and demolition waste from Auckland landfill.

Green Gorilla is a case study to explain how the waste levy can assist businesses that divert waste from landfill.

It’s hoped that the increase in the Waste Disposal Levy will incentivise waste producers:

  • reduce their general waste going to landfill
  • increase their waste diversion through recycling

Hosted by Green Gorilla CEO Elaine Morgan, the video looks behind the scenes of our operation.

Kiwi-owned Green Gorilla has spent a decade developing a waste management model like no other. Unlike its competitors, we do not own a single landfill. Instead, we have innovated by developing markets for waste and extracting rubbish to turn into resources.

Construction waste is approx. 50% of Auckland landfill, and we challenge that outcome. We don’t operate landfill sites, so unlike others, we invest in better environmental solutions.

Our DNA is 100 per cent kiwi - in 2010, the Green Gorilla founders put their incredibly clever heads together and fuelled by ambition, innovation and kiwi ingenuity. Green Gorilla has successfully braved uncharted territory to maximise recovery, reuse and recycle for a cleaner, greener New Zealand. Green Gorilla offers Auckland construction, commercial and industrial companies a sustainable option than waste companies that dump waste directly to landfill.


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What is Construction and Demolition Waste?

Four building site workers wearing Green Gorilla caps

An estimated 50% of all landfill is Construction and Demolition waste. Its volume dominates all other waste types. What is Construction and Demolition Waste? It’s the (non-hazardous) timber and wood fibre, concrete and clean fill, plasterboard and metal waste generated from Auckland’s commercial and residential building, renovations, and demolition projects.

The majority of the waste is:
• Timber
• Clean fill (concrete, bricks, stones, topsoil and clay)
• Plasterboard
• Metals

These materials can be salvaged, reused or recycled; however, they are often unnecessarily dumped into landfill. There’s no silver bullet for changing this behaviour; however, a growing number of companies and organisations are working hard for change. Green Gorilla can achieve over 70% construction waste diversion with no unique on-site waste separation required. On a single day, we extract five tonnes of nails and metals from Auckland construction waste and divert it from landfill.

What Happens to Construction / Building / Renovation and Demolition Waste at Green Gorilla's Onehunga Waste Facility?

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