Commercial waste diversion

Ground-Breaking News for Businesses WITH SUSTAINABILITY VALUES

Green Gorilla's purpose is to manage and dispose of waste in the most environmentally safe way.

Soon we'll be diverting 42% of our client's commercial and industrial waste from landfill. This will be a fundamental change for Auckland's businesses and how their waste is better managed. It's a first for the New Zealand waste industry and made possible by a large scale development to our Waste Processing Facility in Onehunga. Auckland businesses and organisations understand that they need to reduce their waste going to landfill. With Green Gorilla's improved service on the way, you can make a real commitment to sustainability.

Now is the right time to change for the better.

Current waste to landfill diversion rate.

Current waste to landfill diversion rate by Green Gorilla.

Projected waste to landfill diversion rate with the new Waste Processing Facility extension.

Projected waste to landfill diversion rate with the new Green Gorilla Waste Processing Facility extension.

Our expansion is enabled by a Waste Minimisation Fund grant

Associate Environment Minister Eugenie Sage recently visited Green Gorilla to promote the allocation of the grant and had this to say.
“As a country, we need to be thinking smarter about ways maintain the value of our resources, taking circular economy approaches to design waste out of the system. It is pleasing to be able to support an innovative project that is a significant step toward delivering Auckland businesses with viable alternatives to landfill. This is an essential part of reducing waste across the region, and I am confident that Green Gorilla’s project will provide opportunities for new businesses that utilise the recovered materials, bringing new jobs."


Auckland first and only Commercial and Industrial Waste Processing is operational and is the answer for your business or organisation to improve your sustainability targets.

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