Charge While You Lunch

Five state-of-the-art ev fast chargers

in Onehunga, Auckland


We are incredibly proud to announce the installation of five state-of-the-art EV DC Fast Chargers at our Onehunga facility in Auckland. 

EVs and EV technology are key ingredients in improving our energy-related emissions. This exciting project received co-funding from the government’s Low Emissions Transport Fund (LETF, formerly the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund), and was administered by EECA (the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) for the development of charging and refuelling infrastructure.

Bring Your Truck & Charge

Our new chargers significantly improve charging for Green Gorilla’s existing 30+ EV fleet vehicles and future-proof our subsequent electric collections fleet operation. The benefits aren’t solely for us. The fast chargers are available for approved businesses and organisations and their existing EV fleets. Importantly, it adds compelling infrastructure for companies investigating their transition to EV technology.

Plug in up to 10 vehicles at a time

The state-of-the-art ABB T184 EV DC fast chargers are rated at 90 kilowatts x 2. That means two vehicles plugged into the same charger receive 90 kilowatts each. Or, if a single vehicle is plugged into the charger, it will be charged at 180 kilowatts. In comparison, a home EV charger is typically 7.4 kilowatts. Our new chargers use the European standard Combined Charging System (CCS) Type 2 plug and can charge ten vehicles simultaneously.

A new transformer too

To get the very large amounts of electricity to the five chargers, we installed a new 1 MVA transformer, main switchboard, distribution board, and an extensive electrical distribution network. Naturally, all the electricity is 100% carbon-zero, supplied by our friends at Ecotricity.

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